Herbs from the Tea Garden

Herbs from the Tea GardenThere are sundry simple-to-grow plants and flowers that perfectly lend themselves to tisane, offering a chance to try something new in your afternoon-tea ritual. Fresh plants contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that enhance immunity and promote overall wellness—and it’s easy to enjoy these plants in a refreshing beverage.

Herbs are easiest to grow as they need very little attention. Of course, the richer the soil, the more the plants will flourish, but even a scoop of earth from your yard will be enough. Flowering plants require a bit more sunlight and tending, but most are quite hardy. When growing plants indoors, keep a watchful eye on the soil, and avoid overwatering. Never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on plants you plan to use for tea, and be very vigilant to avoid selecting plants that may be toxic—check with a botanical guide to assure the greenery and flowers you choose are safe for consumption.

Tisane made with fresh herbs, flowers, or even some weeds is refreshingly different, verdant, and smooth. Try using a combination of colors and flavors for an infusion as beautiful as it is delicious. To brew, place a generous handful of the greenery and petals in a warmed teapot, and fill with water just under boiling. Let steep for a few minutes, then taste, and either strain the tea or continue brewing until your preferred strength is achieved. Sweeten lightly with honey, if desired, and enjoy.


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